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It is a very bright and grandiose constellation. It appears on the Northern hemisphere in October from the Southeast and leaves us in March on the Southwest. As he slides through the sky with the Dogs at his feet, he proves over and over again, that he was announced to be the handsomest and the best built man of all times for apparent reasons.

This great fighter, on his amazing chariot lies to the North of Orion. It is also the nearest to the North Pole. Capella is the sixth brightest star on the sky. Capella was the star that guarded the dreams and lives of the ancient Babylonians. The astronomers of the past believed, that this star brought them wealth, honour and the ability to be great public speakers or leaders.

They also thought that Capella, the star with the golden beam, awakened the thirst for discovering strange fields, and possessing strange knowledge. In India, people thought that Capella was the heart of Brahma. On the Northern hemisphere Auriga is the highest in January.

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Once again I need to talk about the magnificent Orion mostly because it is a prominent star formation, easy to find, and even easier to relate other star formations to it. At the feet of the great hunter shines the Dog Star, Sirius. It is far the brightest spot on the sky. Sirius is the part of Canis Major. A bit higher up from the mentioned star formation you see Procyon , the member of Canis Minor. On the Northern hemisphere, the winter sky is the host for these beautiful star formations.


This constellation is far bigger than any other one on the sky. The floating ark was used by a bunch of people to accompany Jason on his trip to find the Golden Fleece. These people were named Argonauts after the Argo Navis they travelled on. The ship follows the path of the Milky Way. The water vehicle has three parts: Carina , Veal and Puppis. Carina is the bottom of the ark. Its brightest star is Canopus. People of the desert believed that all the precious stones came from there. This star appears on the Northern hemisphere around February. The star carries the name of a Greek captain who conquered Troy.

Travellers of the Arabian Deserts also respected Carina. They named the star Suhail. In association with the star they called everything shiny the same way. The inhabitants of the desert called handsome people Carina after the bright star. The constellation takes over the Southern hemisphere from January till May. The Draco star formation is the faithful keeper of the North Pole. The dragon twists and turns around Ursa Minor. Its most important star is Gianfar that represents the tail of the dragon.

The other prominent star is Kochab that is known to be the part of Ursa Minor now, however, 3 years back it was the wing of the dragon.

Galactic Astrology: Rigil Kentaurus, Toliman and Proxima Centauri [alCen], diversity

Grumiu m is the chin of the exotic animal while Etanin makes its ear. The Draco, as many other star formation, played an important role in ancient Babylon. However, the Chinese astronomers put it on the well-deserved pedestal. The Draco is still the guest of honour on the Chinese New Year, and other national celebrations.

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This constellation is far the best known and the easiest to find. Look for the Plough, the Ladle or the Saucepan as the prominent part of the star formation. The Great Bear shines on the Northern hemisphere around the Pole. The two stars, Dubhe and Merak make up the right side of the Saucepan, are pointing directly to the North Pole. The constellation is the favourite sight on the sky from Babylon, through Greece and India, reaching even the North-American deserts.

The Greeks saw Callisto , the nymph of the mountainous Arkadia in the constellation. This is the longest constellation in our galaxy. The Sea Serpent takes its place from Cancer to Libra, to the South from the 12 constellations zodiac. Behind it there are the Corvus and the Crater constellations.

Again, Orion shows the direction to the star formation. The leg of the hunter leads you to Alphard , the heart of the water snake. This star is the one that takes care of arts and music, guides all those shows interest in humanity at large. According to ancient beliefs Alphard awakens wisdom and feelings in people. This constellation, as many others, was the discovery of ancient Babylon. Since then, it has always been looked at as an untamed animal favouring mostly male victims.

Opposite to the Babylonian mistrust, the Maya looked at the snake as a God and was deeply respected. The Crater or Cup constellation is connected to Dionysus, the Greek God of wine, enjoyment and sensuality. The untamed and young God showed the brighter and better side of living to the mortals. The cup became the essential belonging of Dionysos and his followers. Despite of all that history and heritage, records show that Greece became a wine producing country long after Dionysos.

Its main star is Alkes that is on the base of the cup. It is spotted mostly on the Southern hemisphere.

The astrological influences of the constellation Centaurus

The Raven constellation travels the sky standing on the back of Hydra. It appears a bit to the South of the heavenly equator and to the South-East of Virgo. To the West of the star formation is the Crater constellation.

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Its four main stars make up the body of the bird. Minkar is the eye of the bird and Algorab makes up the open wing. The Corvus is seen only at spring on the Northern hemisphere. However, one can see it all year around on the Southern. The Bear Keeper lies between two well-known constellations.

The golden-yellow beam of this star goes very far. The Bear Keeper was the symbol of the grape harvest in the ancient Rome. The sailors looked at it as the forecaster of storms and imminent danger. Arcturus is 20 times bigger and times brighter than the Sun. It appears in June on the North sky of the Southern hemisphere. The Crown of the North or the Crown of the Northern Wind lies upside down behind the back of the great hero, Hercules.

The main star of the small, but brightly shining constellation is Alphecca , the brightest jewel on the reddish coloured crown. According to the mythology Ariadne wore it while she was the princess of Crete. The crown is a resting place for victorious souls leaving Earth.

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  • The star formation is clearly visible during the summer. In our days the star formation is divided into two parts. The serpent is the guardian of medicine and birth. On the Northern hemisphere it is visible during the summer months. Although the short form Rigel Kent is often cited as an alternative name, the star system is most widely referred to by its Bayer designation Alpha Centauri. The name Toliman originates with Jacobus Golius ' edition of Al-Farghani 's Compendium published posthumously in To the Australian aboriginal Boorong people of northwestern Victoria , Alpha and Beta Centauri are Bermbermgle , [] two brothers noted for their courage and destructiveness, who speared and killed Tchingal "The Emu" the Coalsack Nebula.

    Alpha Centauri is a likely first target for manned or unmanned interstellar exploration. Using current spacecraft technologies, crossing the distance between the Sun and Alpha Centauri would take several millennia, though the possibility of nuclear pulse propulsion or laser light sail technology, as considered in the Breakthrough Starshot program, could reduce the journey time to decades.

    Breakthrough Starshot is a proof-of-concept initiative to send a fleet of ultra-fast light-driven nanocraft to explore the Alpha Centauri system, which could pave the way for a first launch within the next generation. An objective of the mission would be to make a fly-by of, and possibly photograph, planets that might exist in the system.

    This upgrade will greatly increase the likelihood of planet detection in the system.

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