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Cancer should learn how to use their own emotions to cheer themselves up — then those emotions will turn into tool which could be used to resolve their own karmic goals. However they can and they should. Cancer who can control their own emotions can become the true master in what they do and the true creator. By learning to control their own emotions, Cancer proves that they themselves, not their emotions, are the captain of the ship.

When true love guides their heart, when they learn to protect themselves and turn down negative emotions, then they will be able to feel the connection with the energy that some people call Divine and others — the energy of the loving Universe.

Cancer: June 20–July 22

That is when their main karmic goal will be resolved. With each day that connection will grow stronger and life will have less stress and become much calmer. Main life purpose of Cancer is to learn how to control their own emotions and to develop their strong qualities.

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When we are raising our children, first of all we are trying to identify which teaching methods are effective and which are not. Qualities like self-confidence, ability to love and cherish their own self, patience and integrity of a character — are what Cancer should bring up in themselves, and then they will be able to reach success and happiness.

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Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: 1aa43a0d5dcdfe Staying at a five-star beach resort—especially with their lover—is a great way for Cancer to de-stress, lose inhibitions, and succumb purely to pleasure. Light blue: The color of water, light blue can help calm Crabs while reminding them of their true self. This healing color can also feel nurturing, and subtly remind Cancers to take care of themselves, even while caring for the people around them.

Gray: Just like the mysterious and changing color of the moon as we see it from Earth, the many shades of gray signify the normal emotional complexity of Cancer's everyday life. This color brings out Cancer's ability to see several sides to the story, and serves as a reminder that not everything is black and white. Orange: Although Cancer has a rep for being shy, this sign is also passionate, and the bright orange of the sun can bring out that fearless side.

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The color orange is also connected with the sacral chakra, which controls self-respect and helps Cancers speak up about what concerns them. Buttery yellow: This calm hue speaks to Cancer's naturally optimistic side, and reminds Crabs of their glass-half-full attitude. Red: This fiery color can be too much for Cancer, whose emotions can already run too hot. Black: Cancer sees the world in more than black and white, and the stark void of color can be too intense and one-dimensional for this dynamic sign.

Bright green: Cancer does well in pastels and muted blends—strong colors are too one-note for the Crab, and don't necessarily match the myriad emotions swirling below his or her surface. Personality Traits Friendship Love The Cancer Lifestyle. The Cancer-Capricorn eclipses will not only radically change transform every area of your life but will also be especially important for your relationships.

Sign of Cancer Karma and Cancer Life Purpose Horoscope

By the end of the year, when five celestial bodies occupy Capricorn your opposite sign , you will discover that personal growth is essential in your partnerships. Ready for more astrological fun?

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