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Such people square measure willful and stay angry most of the days. If the person is dominated by the world Mercury, they need vernal appearance and are harum-scarum and rollicking. They need associate degree upright rectangular face and are blessed an extended nose and chin.

Eyebrows से जानिये आप कैसे व्यक्ति है?😒 Learn Face reading - Eyebrows- Physiognomy - with subtitles

They relish short journeys. Such people adapt to all or any varieties of professions.

Face Reading – FOREHEAD

Individuals dominated by the mercury, does mentally alert and active. They need a decent memory and have a public furthermore as a private temperament.

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When dominated by Jupiter, the person is tall however stout within the figure. Such people have a broad forehead, clear curved lines that separate the cheeks and nose. Their face is either or rectangular in form.

Face Reading

Famously referred to as the world of affection and wonder, people are dominated by Venus is blessed a lovely face and body. They need glowing countenance and lovely eyes. Their eyes square measure terribly outstanding and attract lots of attention. They are medium of height and have lustrous hair, smart complexion. People dominated by Venus are inventive in nature, terribly social and yearn for attention. They keen on luxury are materialistic.

Face Reading Eyebrows

Individuals dominated by Saturn is blessed a decent height and a bony, lean body. Their faces are going to be upright and rectangular in form with cheeks that go within. They need deep set eyes and skinny, long necks. Their face might not bear a pleasing look. Such people are typically seen in Labour unions, health departments etc. Your email address will not be published. Devendra Shastri. One Call can Change Your Life.. If dominated by the Sun The Sun is that the largest star in our scheme and planets revolve around this star. If dominated by the Moon An individual, whose zodiac is dominated by the moon, is plump or fat and rounded within the body part.

This also shows a big willpower if the hair is getting set. If the hair is sticking out while being thick, it shows the person may get some fame, but is also stubborn which causes a lot of struglles in life. If there is a lot of distance between the eyebrows, the eyebrows are thick and flat, then such a person is considered quite straightforward, but such people can take wrong decisions by being too emotional and unable to understand the scheming of others. Small eyebrows or people who have a thick eyebrow that becomes very thin at the end shows people who are impatient and who have too much anger in them, which causes them to take wrong decisions.

They are also very moody and don't use the mind correctly.

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People whose eyebrows are very light not much hair are physically and mentally weak. They are unable to think deeply and are afraid to do any hard work. If your eyebrows make a V shape then such people are considered to do well professionally, but people take their time in trusting them. If the eyebrows don't have much hair or they are too thin and your hair too in general not so dar,, then you should worship the Sun. If the eyebrows are too short, they finish above the middle of y aour eyes, then you need to start doing remedies for Mercury - do chant of "om budh buddhaya namaha".

Face reading guide. Basics, tips and secrets. | Leading Personality

If the eyebrows are straight, then you should do remedies for Moon om shram shreem shrom sah chandramasay namaha and Mars om bhomaya namaha and wear a red thread in your right hand. Make sure you do anulom-vilom, don't steal, worship your isht dev, and never say lies.

Eyes Are Your Life Source

The more the hair on the eyebrows, the more body power the person has. If the eyebrows are like a bow, it shows someone who is very lucky. Very thin eyebrows show straying from your path in life. What about joint eyebrows,for girls whether it is lucky.

My eyebrows are joint and almost v shape. Leave a comment