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Much later during His youth our Lord came to be known as Nimai Pandit. After several months, Nilambar Chakravarti was shown the numerous auspicious marks on his grandson's body. He then informed Sachimata and Jagannatha Misra:.

Sri Caitanya bhagavata, Adi khanda 03 - The Horoscope of Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu

As noticed by the venerable Pandit Nilambar when he scrutinized the child's horoscope and auspicious bodily markings, the influence of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu would spread far and wide. Indeed, His completely spiritual sankirtan movement continues to pick up momentum with each passing day.

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In recent times this modern phenomenon of world-wide acceptance of Lord Chaitanya's teachings has primarily been due to the preaching and single-minded efforts of His Divine Grace A. To the knowers of jyotish shastra , the formation of an all-world Society dedicatd to the mission of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is not surprising because it was clearly predicted by Mahaprabhu's pandit grandfather at the time of the Lord's birth as indicated in His horoscope. Horoscope of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Everything was auspicious about the horoscope including the shad-varga charts navamsa, dwadasamsa, etc. This is certainly feasible, for the Lord's birth is all-auspicious sarva sulakshana , but the Chaitanya Charitamrita gives yet another reason, as follows: a-kalanka gaurachandra dila darashana sa-kalanka chandre ara kon prayojana "When the spotless golden Moon of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu became visible, what would be the need for a Moon full of contaminated spots on its body?

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He wrote in "By the will of the Lord there was a lunar eclipse that morning during Sri Chaitanya's birth. It is the custom of the Hindu public to bathe in the Ganges or any other sacred river during the hours of eclipse and chant Vedic mantras for purification. These sixteen names of the Lord are mentioned in many Puranas and Upanishads.

They are described as the tarak brahman name for this age. It is recommended in the shastras that offenseless chanting of these holy names of the Lord can deliver a fallen soul from material bondage. There are innumerable names of the Lord both in India and outside and all of them are equally good because all of them indicate the Supreme Personality of Godhead. But because this sixteen-word mantra is especially recommended for this age, it is best that everyone take advantage of this path of chanting as recommended by the great acharyas and shastras.

He advented Himself specifically to preach the importance of chanting the holy names of the Lord in Kali Yuga, or Age of Quarrel. Jupiter and Saturn combine to produce leaders. When Mars adds to this aspect as the lord of the 9th house of religion — he increases it. In this case Mars is exalted and is exchanging signs with the great factor of spiritual truth — Saturn.

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Therefore his influence is very strongly spiritual. When Venus and Mars combine we have eros. The combination in the 9th house indicates another truly radical facet of Sri Caitanya — his ability to reveal the pinnacle of religion as a divine play of erotic bliss between the infinite masculine being, Sri Krishna and the infinite feminine being, Sri Radha.

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This Venus is aspected by Jupiter from Sagittarius. Jupiter controls human reproduction, and is also the planet of morality. To be frank with you, my friend, only the greatest and most fortunate of human minds can even start to comprehend the supreme purity of the simultaenous utter eroticness and utter pristineness of the vision of spiritual reality which Mahaprabhu envisioned, illustrated, and was consumed by.

Mahaprabhu has Mercury debilitated in the 8th house, and in the 12th house of his Navamsha.

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He could not communicate his feelings well. He would become mute and choked up. When he found a person who understood him, he would feel such relief. Sri Ramananda Roy was one such rare soul. These true friends were few and far between because Mercury is also the 11th house — debilitating the house of friends.

Mahaprabhu abandoned his family in the madness of his spiritual quest and never returned to their loving support again. Here is a rough sketch of the chronological events of his life, referenced to the chronological cycles of his Vedic astrological chart.

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Mahaprabhu was born in the dash of Venus, while Rahu was the sub-cycle lord. This highlights the importance of these two planets in his chart. It illustrates that his philosophy of divine love 9th house venus would be the prime theme of his life, which would be one of radical changes and constant upheaval with tremendous effect on the general public rahu. He took sanyass at the age of In other words, he completely gave up his normal life and dedicated himself fully and completely to pursuing his religious and spiritual aims when he was only 24 years old.

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This was during his Moon cycle, when Venus was the sub-lord. If you are a bit of an astrologer, you will get some chills reading that. Having taken sanyass he endured much hardship in the pursuit of solitary renunciation.

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  5. Thus he entered the dasha cycle of Mars — who sits exalted in the 6th house of hardship and work. Being so knowledgable he still remains very humble and kind which speaks a lot of his great human qualities. Thank you so much for your service". Visti is a student of Pt. Through his study of the Vedic knowledge he has furthered others in their study of Astrology through courses both online and in-person. He has been a professional and practicing astrologer since , and sees clients horoscopes on a daily basis.

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