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They are also very emotional and can come across as very sensitive, while this can be a good thing, it also means that they can be very easy to offend. In a similar way, people born under the Cancer zodiac sign may overreact to events or unexpected changes. Surround yourself with trusted and caring friends. While it may be that you tend to overreact, it is also worth remembering that you should only hang out with those who increase your vibration and energy, not those who are a negative influence. It may also be worth creating a custom affirmation to help you remember that not everyone is out to hurt you.

Learn to control your mood swings and have fun. Avoid being arrogant or dominating in conversations and interactions. Learn to become more self-aware in order to boost the positivity you are capable of showing others. I also recommend you pick up your FREE copy of the Leo hypnosis audio — It's an amazing free resource that can specifically help your star sign!

Virgo can be a lot more judgmental than any of the other signs and they may be secretly judging you. They are also perfectionists, and along with judging others, this combination can be quite harsh. Learn to embrace your more optimistic side! Remember, no one is perfect and that expectation can lead to an abundance of negativity.

It normally takes them quite a long time to make a decision and this is because they often think of every possibility before they decide. They are also the type of people who will take their time with their appearance, despite possibly making themselves late, due to their love of all things beauty. Do not let opportunities fly by due to your indecisive nature. Learn to rely on, and trust, your intuition to help you make decisions. They never forget when someone has wronged them, and are even less likely to forgive you. They can over-react when they are hurt, and often have a very bad temper.

Once they are feeling down, it can be very hard for them to come out of their temper.

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It's worth learning how to control your emotions if you are a Scorpio sign. Confidence can easily turn into egotistical; honesty can transform into apparent rudeness.

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When you feel your emotions getting out of control, do a simple breathing exercise to balance your emotions and calm your mind. It is also important to forgive others — not for them, but so that you can move on. This can sometimes seem tactless. Some people may see Sagittarius as rude or offensive, and this is because they sometimes struggle with social etiquette, which can make them come across in a negative way. Slow down! Your risk taking and fast-paced lifestyle are often envied but it is worth finding a hobby, career or life partner who can continuously challenge you and keep your interest.

Astrological Straits

Also be careful in what you say and how you say it. You may mean well, but bravely acknowledge you aren't always the most diplomatic friend. They much prefer controlling and organizing everything.

They can also use others for their own gain, which can cause upset in some of their friendships. Capricorn's also love gossip and chatting about their bad day, often exaggerating on their own negativity. Start a gratitude journal or create affirmations which incorporate things you are thankful for. These exercises can help Capricorns to appreciate the simple things. Plus, remember to claim your free zodiac hypnosis audio based on your star sign! Aquarius can sometimes be quite quick to judge others, and this is mostly because they believe themselves to be very smart and logical.

They can sometimes seem a little detached from others and this is often because they live in their own heads.

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They love to offer out advice, but sometimes can seem too eager and may not really be listening to what you have to say. Allow yourself to open up and embrace friends and family, showing your appreciation and love for them. In addition, learn to listen!

Zach Hill - Hindsight Is Nowhere

This will lead to stronger relationships and better communication. Icelandic pop band Fufanu returns with another batch of bright-neon songs wreathed by smoky, debonair vocals.

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  6. Amnesia Haze by Velcro Lewis Group. The longtime Chicago psych-funk outfit offers up five colorful barnburners with all the tension and energy of the current political moment. Riposte by Buke and Gase. Passenger Peru by Passenger Peru. Brooklyn-based experimental pop duo deftly mix fuzzy guitars, nifty bass lines and sorta' danceable beats. Explore music. Astrological Straits by Zach Hill. Nathan got this ages ago on CD. Favorite track: Hindsight Is Nowhere.

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